Landscape Design

The Huntsville Nursery & Landscaping team is well-versed in a wide variety of trees, plants, and flowers, as well as the best plants for Northeastern Pennsylvania terrain. With that in mind, we’ll brainstorm together and come up with a design that best fits your personality and style.

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Landscape Installation

From soil preparation to finishing touches, Huntsville Nursery & Landscaping will install your completed landscape.

Landscape Maintenance

Whether your landscape requires a bit of sprucing up each season or more regimented upkeep, Huntsville Nursery & Landscaping has the equipment and know-how to keep your landscape looking pristine.

Landscape Lighting

Now that you’ve created a stunning landscape, showcase it with landscape lighting from Huntsville Nursery & Landscaping. Landscape lighting complements and highlights the exterior of your property making it stand out from the rest. 

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